Winter Coats

While many of us may be clinging on to any remaining signs of the departed summer, refusing to put away our sunglasses just yet, we at Stowers are looking ahead to winter months. For a while we have been receiving both bespoke and made to measure orders for overcoats, a necessity in the damp and chilly British climate. Before you get your own we thought we’d share a little of our expertise, though originally aimed at our bespoke customers these pearls of wisdom can be applied to any overcoat you may wish to buy.

An overcoat is exactly what it sounds like, a coat that will keep you warm that goes over all your other clothes. This means that, unlike a suit, it should not be fitted so tightly to your body – there should be enough room for you to wear a variety of garments under it. Whether it be a suit jacket, a jumper, or just a shirt, any combination should be able to be worn comfortably.

There are two main styles of overcoat, single breasted and double breasted. After this, as with any bespoke clothing, the rest is completely up to the wearer and what they feel most evokes their personal style and fits their lifestyle. Coats can vary in length from full to hitting mid-thigh, and they can be made in any colour. There’s also further scope for personalization with various accessories such as detachable, or sewn on, collars in various fabrics. Those who are going for a particularly luxurious look, may choose a contrasting fur collar.

The choice of fabric for your overcoat can be made from either a practical perspective or an indulgent one. Fabrics such as cashmere and vicuna look and feel the best but are costly and not particularly hardwearing. A wool/cashmere or wool/vicuna mix would therefore be our recommendation, as it retains its practicality while gaining extra softness. Of course you can always go with one of this seasons favourite classic British styles: Camel. The dimensional look of the camel hair cloth will give your coat a unique sheen. On a side note, did you know that the camel coat was not nicknamed only for its colour, but the fabric it used to be typically made from?

At the end of the day an overcoat is meant to look stylish and keep you warm, and if it does that then you’ve made the right decisions.

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