Authentic British Tailoring

For a man of style, only a suit which demonstrates the best of authentic British tailoring will suffice.

A Stowers of London suit is the genuine article; characteristically stylish, perfectly measured and expertly finished without compromise.

“Spend all you can afford on clothes, but make sure they’re quality, not flashy, since clothes make the man.” -- Polonius, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Quality without compromise

The Stowers tailoring experience is all about quality; we never compromise quality, in our service or in our suits.

We have a passion for British tailoring and embrace the spirit of Savile Row with every suit that we make.

That means being true to the traditions of what it is to be on Savile Row, offering our customers only the finest cloth, expertly cut and finished by a master tailor, and most importantly, a suit that is styled to your individual taste and personality.

We have a passion for tailoring and embrace the spirit of tradition, combining age old hand tailoring techniques with a distinctive personal touch.